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The   Iris   Nebula,   also   NGC   7023   and   Caldwell   4,   is a   bright   reflection   nebula   and   Caldwell   object   in the   constellation   Cepheus.   NGC   7023   is   actually the   cluster   within   the   nebula,   LBN   487,   and   the nebula   is   lit   by   a   magnitude   +7   star,   SAO   19158. It   shines   at   magnitude   +6.8.   It   is   located   near   the Mira-type   variable   star   T   Cephei,   and   near   the bright   magnitude   +3.23   variable   star   Beta   Cephei (Alphirk).   It   lies   1,300   light-years   away   and   is   six light-years across.
NGC 7223 THE IRIS NEBULA   Place:        Ager-Lleida-Spain  SQM:         21.3 - 21.6  Dates:       27-29-30 SEP / 2-4-5 OCT   Details  Telescope:  GSO RC14 Truss  Mount:        ASA DDM85  Camera:      Moravian G3-11000  Focuser:      Feather Touch 3 Kit Boss II  Flattener:    TS 2.5 Filters:         Astrodon LRGB Gen2 I-Series             True-Balance  Exposure:    L:37x600 sec bin1                        RGB: 19x600 sec bin2 Processing:   Pixinsight & Photoshop CC Software:     MaximDL, Sequence,Autoslew Control Remote:  Talon6


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