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M92 is one of the brighter globular clusters in the northern hemisphere, but it is often overlooked by amateur astronomers because of its proximity to the even more spectacular Messier 13. It is visible to the naked eye under very good conditions. According to newer sources, M92 is about 26,000 light years distant, only little more than its brighter apparent neighbor M13. Messier 92 has a very low abundance of elements other than hydrogen and helium. The cluster is not currently in a state of core collapse and the core radius is about 2 arcseconds. Only about 16 variables have been discovered in this globular, 14 of which are of RR Lyrae type, while one of them is one of the very few eclipsing binaries in globular clusters, of W Ursae Majoris type.


Place: Ager-Lleida-Spain SQM: 21.81 Dates: 23-24 APRIL 2018 Details Telescope: GSO RC14 Truss Mount: ASA DDM85 Camera: Moravian G3-11000 Focuser: Feather Touch 3 Kit Boss II Flattener: TS 2.5 Exposure: L:9x300 sec bin1 RGB: 12:12:12 x 300 sec bin1 Processing: Pixinsight & Photoshop CC Software: MaximDL, Sequence,Autoslew Control Remote: Talon6


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