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NGC   891   looks   as   the   Milky   Way   would   look   like when    viewed    edge-on    (some    astronomers    have even    noted    how    similar    to    NGC    891    our    galaxy looks   as   seen   from   the   Southern   Hemisphere[9]) and    in    fact    both    galaxies    are    considered    very similar   in   terms   of   luminosity   and   size;[10]   studies of   the   dynamics   of   its   molecular   hydrogen   have also     proven     the     likely     presence     of     a     central bar.[11]      Despite      this,      recent      high-resolution images   of   its   dusty   disk   show   unusual   filamentary patterns.    These    patterns    are    extending    into    the halo    of    the    galaxy,    away    from    its    galactic    disk. Scientists     presume     that     supernova     explosions caused   this   interstellar   dust   to   be   thrown   out   of the galactic disk toward the halo


Place:        Ager-Lleida-Spain SQM:         21.3 - 21.6 Dates:       Dec.  2018 Details Telescope:  AS-RC380 f/8.5 df:3200 mm Mount:        ASA DDM85 Camera:      Moravian G3-11002 Focuser:      Feather touch Flattener:    70 mm Exposure:    L: 22x900 sec bin1                       RGB: 24x900 sec bin1                      Processing: Pixinsight & Photoshop CC Software:     MaximDL, Sequence,Autoslew Control Remote:  Talon6