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Born    in    a    small    town    called    Cardedeu    near    from    the    city    of    Barcelona.    Lluis    Romero    passion    for    the    astronomy    and astrophotography began in 2011.  Since January 2011, Lluís Romero developed his passion into the astrophography at the age of  41. Member   of   the   Sabadell   Astronomical   Association    currently   is   owner   an   astronomical   observatory,   located   in   the   town   of   Àger- Lleida,   where   the   Sabadell   Astronomical   Association   has   innovative   facilities   that   benefit   from   an   excellent   night   sky.   It   is   currently in an area officially protected against light pollution and enjoys the international designation Starlight. For   the   last   two   years,   he's   been   roboticising   his   observatory,   in   order   to   get   the   most   out   of   the   equipment   and   resources,   taking advantage the most of the nighttimes. He's   main   equipment   are   the   following;   GSO   RC14"   truss   telescopoe,   ASA   DDM85   mount,   Moravian   G3-11000   &   3"   FB-II-KIT   2   focuser. The   robotization   system   was   done   using   the   TALON6    equipment,   which   has   allowed   have   full   control   in   which   enjoy   of   his   hobby   as much as he can.


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