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Sh2-234 - IC417 - THE SPIDER

IC   417   (also   known   as   Sh2-234)   is   an   emission nebula   of   almost   100   light-years   across,   located some   10,000   light-years   away   from   Earth   in   the constellation    of    Auriga    (the    Charioteer).    It    is often   referred   to   as   the   Spider   Nebula   and   in that   case   its   prey   is   a   nearby   emission   nebula called the Fly (NGC 1931). The    nebula    contains    a    young    open    cluster    of about    40    stars,    and    is    energized    by    its    hot, massive   blue   stars   which   are   still   embedded   in glowing   hydrogen   gas.   The   bluish   clouds   of   gas at   the   top   of   the   image   are   locations   of   new   star formation.
Sh2-234 - IC417 - THE SPIDER   Place:        Ager-Lleida-Spain  SQM:         21.6  Dates:       Nov-Dec 2017 & Jan-2018   Details  Telescope:  RC400 CFF Telescopes  Mount:        ASA DDM85  Camera:      Moravian G3-11000  Focuser:      Feather Touch 3 Kit Boss II  Flattener:    TS 2.5 Filters:         Astrodon LRGB Gen2 I-Series             True-Balance  Exposure:    L:37x900 sec bin1                       H: 36x900 sec bin1                       RGB: 44x900 sec bin1 Processing:   CCDStack Pixinsight &    Photoshop CC 2018 Software:     MaximDL, Sequence,Autoslew Control Remote:  Talon6


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